General Mindsets of a Different Individual Towards Health

Professionals Mindset

If the individual is executive/ corporate professional they may look for weight loss of so and so kgs, reducing the belly fat, and don’t want to build muscles but the loss of weight is needed to be in the form of fat loss and not to be muscle loss, fat loss begins with muscle gain which increases our body’s basal metabolism and it burns more fat during routine activities, even in the resting time also.

Muscle gain is not an easy task, it requires years of intense weight training geared by under good nutrition guidance. We all need muscle mass and strength for the function in day to day routine activities and support to fight against age-related degeneration in the body.

Womens Mindset

Homemakers or working ladies between 30 to 50 of age generation they may expect a slimming process, the general tendency is to keep checking the weighing machines and thinking about drastic ways to drop bodyweight in the short period because of these they get attracted by various fad diets being followed in their social circle, they may don’t want to do weight training by fear to gain bulky body and that’s why they do over cardiovascular training.

Females cant be bulky because of low testosterone, this is the male hormones it helps to boost greater muscle mass and anabolism activities, female’s predominating in estrogen hormones because of that they tend to have a higher fat percentage and low in muscles mass than male, thus women need to do more weight training than men to achieve muscle growth and increase metabolic rate for great fat loss.

Women also face a high risk of Osteoporosis due to a drop in bone Calcium and weight gain due to a drop in metabolism as Estrogen level drop near menopause, along with good nutrition and supplementation with weight training helps retention of bone calcium keeping Osteoporosis at bay.

Crash diet leads loss of muscles and slow down the metabolism, these losses could be more with excessive cardio training thus the body weight may have dropped and because of that woman has a higher body fat percentage than before and it looks very unhealthy and body will tend to store fat more easily than before.

Senior Citizens Mindset

They may have a limited fitness goal but they want to do experiments through different ways to delay the aging.

Aging cant be avoid but yes it can be delayed even reverse in some cases. Aging means loss of muscle mass, loss of strength, loss of mental activities, loss of bone density due to increased catabolism and breakdown of all proteins, a huge production of free radicals, and weekend antioxidant that cause of various diseases to over whole life Spain.

Targeting all fitness components with the right nutrition & supplementation and restricting sugar and carbohydrate is the best anti-aging formula.

Muscle performance and strength are not limited by age even can be improved through the right nutrition and exercise higher than youth.


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