INDIA – The Next Diabetic Superpower

Last time when I heard India & Indians were aiming towards becoming a Superpower, the next big thing on the planet, overtaking US blah blah blah. But the current scenarios are a bit different. Yes we are going to become a superpower but certainly not in the field which we wanted. How come we went so wrong?

Even in this technological privilege era when every piece of information is online, we dont even have the very basic of knowledge about what shall we eat and what shall we not so that we can remain healthy? Or have we been misguided all this while so that some big corporations can utilise it as their money churning source?

So many questions but still clueless about the answers! But dont worry we will be covering each & every aspect but before than let`s dive into it more deeper.

One in six people with diabetes in the world is from India. The numbers place the country among the top 10 countries for people with diabetes, coming in at number two with an estimated 77 million diabetics. China leads the list with over 116 million diabetics.

On International Diabetes Day, the International Diabetes Foundation Diabetes Atlas makes it clear India needs to pause and re-evaluate its strategy to combat diabetes. But taking the present situation under the consideration, we highly doubt that.

India is on the top of the table of a clutch of countries in from southeast Asia — Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Mauritius. Bangladesh, which is second on the list of top five countries with diabetes (20-79 years), however, has only 8.4 million diabetics.

The above mentioned stats are alarming as we can see that we are worst then our neighbouring countries as well in the Health Report Card.

In our upcoming blog we will be talking about the possible solutions. Even diabetes can be reversed to a certain extent.

Stay tune.

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