Indian Diet Pattern

Indian Diet Pattern

Keto Diet Plan, Atkins Diet, Low Carbohydrate Diet

Traditional Indian diet is very high in unnecessary carbohydrates and very low in protein, in addition, due to the influence of the wellness industry, Indian diets mistakenly avoid fats, we are almost exclusively carbohydrate eaters.

The Indian diet largely comprises of grains, cereals, fruits, starchy vegetables and moderate of fibrous green leafy vegetables.

We are suffering from insulin resistant, fat, unfit nation, we (Indians) are the diabetic capital in the world , DIABESTY leading to Cardiovascular Disease and all chronic inflammatory illnesses.

The fitness revolution in the last 10 years has been totally unsuccessful in even slowing down the rate of DIABESITY and METABOLIC SYNDROMES because we are doing wrong approach, simply because we are not willing to face the truth that in the name of health and fitness.

we are dumping our bodies with unwanted carbohydrates and staying away from beneficial natural Saturated Fats and First class source of Protein.No amount of workout craze can save us till we decide to rethink our approach to right nutrition for humans.

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