Keto Diet for Beginners-How to Start Keto?

Keto, Ketogenic Diet, Nutritional ketosis, and similar terms are the bane of the keto way of life. Any beginner looking to start with this healthy way of life gets extremely confused by these terms that are thrown at him by the market and health coaches. The varied views on the internet fulfill the remaining need for confusion.

People get confused with terms such as, Keto diet menu for beginners, a keto diet for weight loss. The most basic question raised by a beginner is, “How do I start a keto diet?” or “What is a ketogenic diet for beginners?”. Many people who have heard a few overhyped things about the lifestyle are hesitant and usually wonder if there is a Keto diet plan for beginners free? They do not want to spend their money until they have an answer to their confusion, or an end to their fear. The most prominent confusion in our minds is that what is a keto diet plan for beginners in India?   

Thus, it becomes very confusing and frightening for any new person to try out the Keto diet or the low carb way of life. KetoClubIndia works, intending to be your constant partner in your journey to attain ideal health.  

The keto way of life is not a regime or a restricted diet, but the entire world has somehow projected it to be one. The most important thing to know in a keto diet is that it is an eating pattern with high healthy fat content, moderate proteins, and low carbohydrate-based foods.

Let’s get the free out of the way

We at KetoClubIndia offer an open initiation process to all our newcomers. The first session that we take for our newcomers is absolutely free, and this is an initiative taken to encourage the beginners to try out the keto way. In our keto plan of beginners for free, we initiate the beginners with the concept of the keto diet. We hold a knowledge session to clarify all the confusion that any beginners may have regarding the foods. We analyze and inform them where they might be going wrong and help them with the right choice.

Is a keto diet for weight loss?

The entire world here would, without any consideration, say “Yes,” but we believe that you should be enabled with the whole truth. Keto diet is not just for weight loss. Weight loss is a very positive aspect of the keto diet. But apart from the weight loss scenario, the keto diet helps balance the entire metabolism of the body. It proves healthy for the brain, and brain function increases because the brain can work on ketones more effectively. The keto diet puts the body in the state of nutritional ketosis, which reduces the insulin spikes in the body, leading to the reversal of many hormonal imbalances occurring in the body.

The best Keto diet plan for beginners is the Indian version

Beginners have a notion that a keto diet is not possible in the Indian context. This is the primary notion that they have constructed in their minds, and it is baseless. When we consider the Indian scenario of primary vegetarians, many food options can be consumed. Indians have predominant use of Ghee or clarified butter, which is the healthiest fat known to man. In the vegetarian diet, there are many options like spinach, kale, broccoli, etc. We have a history of healthy meat consumption, which makes India a land with many options in the diet when someone opts for a Keto diet plan for beginners in India.

How do I start on a keto diet?

The easiest way is to plan out your keto journey and make a list of your expectation out of keto. We at KetoClubIndia would be your constant companion in your approach towards a healthy lifestyle. The best way to start the day is with bulletproof coffee. It is prepared with adding coconut oil and butter to black coffee. It is ideal for you, if you get accustomed to the recipes in keto. Decide what you like and try out the keto version of that particular dish. We provide guidance with the recipes as well. The first and foremost answer to the question, “How do I start on a keto diet,” is to prepare yourself mentally. If you are not ready to change your lifestyle, then the keto way of life would not have its effects to the fullest.    

A ketogenic diet for beginners or keto diet menu for beginners 

Beginners have it most comfortable when going for the keto way of life. A ketogenic diet for beginners is not the ketogenic diet for a seasoned person. It may not even look like a keto diet because, in the beginning, people are advised to wane off carbohydrates in a steady way. As a wellness group, we recommend you to take an individual pace and reduce your carb consumption. The speed depends upon you and your target. Going for any sudden or abrupt change may send the body in shock and cause health problems.

At KetoClubIndia, we wane you off carbs steadily while increasing the healthy fat content in your diet. We monitor the protein intake in your diet and keep it to the level required because many beginners mistake the keto for a high protein diet where it is a high-fat diet. Protein is also converted into glucose if taken in excess, which would eventually negate the purpose of a keto diet.

We prepare a keto diet menu for our beginners, and they can choose what they want to make for themselves. We provide beginners with recipes of the keto diet menu. You, as our partners, would even get support during the cooking process as well.

What a beginner must do eventually            

A beginner looking to transition into this way of life must first prepare himself/herself with the concept of accepting change with life itself and the aspects of the food in this particular diet.

As your partner, we would always be there to support you throughout this journey, not only in the nutrition aspect but also morally and mentally. Your recipes and menu are, our headache. We would continuously work to keep you armed with the art of cooking something you like, which is healthy and according to the keto way of life.

We would devise your diet according to your needs, and deal with the intricacies of a keto diet for weight loss, keto diet for muscle gain, or keto diet for vegetarians. From your end, we expect you to be loyal to your health and work towards transitioning into a healthy way of life.

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