Keto Diet Plan – A beginner’s guide

The prominent questions that anyone has in their minds when they come across Keto, Ketosis, or Ketogenic diet are

  • How to start a Keto diet?
  • A Keto Diet for beginners would contain which food elements?
  • What would be a keto diet plan for weight loss?
  • Would there be special keto diet foods?
  • What would be there in a keto diet for beginners?
  • Would there be a possibility of keto diet plan- Indian version?

We at Keto Club India will try to put an end to all your questions and confusion, and help you restart your journey with a healthy lifestyle.  

What is a Keto Diet?

A fat-rich diet, with an almost negligible amount of carbohydrate intake, defines the Keto diet. This diet or effectively a way of living helps in rebalancing the metabolism, providing the body of the practitioner with enormous health benefits.

Research Articles document that insulin resistance has been reversed in many people who went on the keto diet.  

The high fat and low-carb measure of the keto diet is geared with moderate protein intake. The diet helps to put the body in the beneficial, natural state of nutritional ketosis.

What is Ketosis?

Nutritional Ketosis (NK) is the natural state of the body when the body burns fat instead of glucose to produce the ketones for energy. The benefit of this process is that unlike excess glucose, the body never stores ketones. Ketones have the attribute that they can cross the blood-brain barrier and provide energy directly to the brain. 

How to start a keto diet? 

Keto is not a very special diet, where you must follow a lot of rules and norms. This is not a diet altogether. It is a way of life in which you reduce the dependency on the carbohydrate, and addictive foods like sugar either processed or non-processed. To start a keto diet, you must cut down on your carbs and increase healthy fat-based foods. Your intake of the proteins would provide you satiety.

A keto Diet for Beginners would contain which food elements?

There are many trending names for Keto diets these days. Many categories have risen to cater to the growing demand of the people and the market. These very categories end up confusing the beginners and even seasoned people. The basic rule of the ketogenic diet is that your food must have 75% fat, 20% protein, and only 5% carbohydrates.

What would be a Keto diet for weight loss?

The hype created around the special diets for muscle gain, weight loss, and ripped body is just used as a gimmick to garner attention and get new customers from this susceptible market.

There is no special keto diet for weight loss. In general, the keto diet helps you maintain muscle-mass balance over time and lose body fat or unproductive weight of the adipose tissue consistently.

Would there be special keto diet foods?

To answer this prominent question, most directly- NO, there is nothing special to be done in Keto Diet foods. The keto foods are prepared in such a way that the fat content replaces the carbohydrate. You must include “First Class Protein.” This is the protein category which contains all the nine essential amino acids that are required by the body to manufacture all the necessary hormones, enzymes, transmission fluids, elements of blood and remaining fluids of the body for a ripple less operation

What would be there in a keto diet for beginners?

If a beginner wants to go on a keto diet and they want to do that smoothly and gradually, then the very first step for them would be to stop the intake of sugar, either process or unprocessed sugar. By processed sugar, we mean foods where sugar is a significant component, and by unprocessed sugar, we mean raw sugar that we take in the form of sweets or use in our foods.

The second step would be to stop consuming the dedicated carbohydrate sources, including wheat products, mostly bread, rice, and subsequent products. While the amount of carbohydrates is reduced, the measure of saturated fats must be increased to balance the energy gap. The two ends, i.e., fat and carbohydrate, are bridged by the intake of protein.

The protein content should be constant to provide the body with building blocks. Protein also gives you the feeling of a full stomach or satiety.

Would there be a possibility of keto diet plan- Indian version?

Indians are the forebearers of this way of life. The healthiest considered fat- Ghee or clarified butter has been prominently in use in India. We Indians have accessibility to a very quality of red meat, i.e., mutton and sheep meat. We have a long tradition of white meat consumption in form of chicken and fish.

When considering the vegetarian aspect of our country, we always have had the availability of wide varieties of cheese and nuts, which provide the necessary nutrients required by the body. The culture of spices and herbs has blessed us with many options from which to choose. The fibrous leafy greens with low carbohydrate content have always been available in our culture, food, and country.

Eventually, everything boils down to your choices to pick up those healthy foods and veggies and include them in your lifestyle. Keto Diet, in the end, is not a restrictive diet or a bounded lifestyle. It is just another way of living which is healthier.

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