Keto Diet Plan for Vegetarians-A Big challenge

The ketogenic diet had been studied extensively in the 20th century to find its benefits for epileptic patients. The study gave a result that the keto diet is very beneficial to the patients in epilepsy. The keto diet puts the body in the state of nutritional ketosis where the body burns fat to make ketones. These ketones produced are then used to generate energy. The brain can use the ketones more effectively, and thus the brain function increases on the keto diet, which helps with the seizures in epilepsy.

The vegetarian diet has also been studied extensively for its health benefits. Although the keto diet is comprised majorly of the meats and fat-rich foods, it is possible to create a Keto diet plan for vegetarians. A vegetarian keto diet aims to combine both the aspects and benefits of the keto diet as well as the vegetarian diet.

In a general trend, the vegetarians are known to consume dairy products and most of the time eggs as well. Vegetarians are known to avoid animal meat, and the market generally considers this a challenge, because majority of the calories, i.e. about 70% calories of the keto diet comes from fat, meat, fish, and eggs. The amount of carbohydrates is reduced to a bare minimum in the diet. Furthermore, the dependence of the body on glucose for energy is shifted to fats.

Why a Keto diet plan – vegetarian?

Studies were done on the vegetarian, and the non-vegetarian diets. The people kept on the vegetarian diet lost almost 2 kgs more than the non-vegetarians. The vegetarian keto diet made people lose more fat and weight than any other low-carbohydrate diet.

Keto diet is also linked to the low occurrences of chronic diseases like cancer and diabetes. Many studies have proved that vegetarian diets over a period of time result in the reduction of LDL, blood sugar, triglycerides which are all indicators of chronic diseases.

The vegetarian diet is also considered to be a protective diet against degenerative brain disorders like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

The keto diet, on the other hand, has been dubbed as the miraculous diet to safeguard against many health issues. There have been many research studies that show the effect of a keto diet. Keto diet in such studies done in a test tube reduced the growth of cancerous cells.

How to construct a vegetarian keto diet plan-Indian?

A huge misconception in the market is that an Indian version of the vegetarian keto diet plan is challenging to construct, or one cannot be constructed altogether. Indian have always had the essential elements of a ketogenic diet. The older cooking methods of our culture constituted a lot of fats in the preparation of food. We took carbs in the form of fibres which did not contribute to the carbohydrate or the glucose content but were excreted. Protein has always been a macronutrient in our lifestyle. Where the non-vegetarian used to get it from meat, vegetarians always had a variety of cheese, dairy products, mixture of our traditional millets, buckwheat.

The misconception in the market is baseless, and a vegetarian keto diet plan in Indian style is very much possible and easy to make. The only downside is that we have closely monitor the carbohydrate content.

7-day vegetarian keto meal plan

An initial 7-day keto meal plan would include mostly foods rich in fat. At the beginning of your keto journey, we at KetoClubIndia would lean you off the carbohydrate diet slowly. A constant ascends in your fat-based food level will be noticed. The nuts would be introduced to include the sources of fat and essential micronutrients in your body. The carb content would be changed to high fibrous content which would help you to feel full at the same time won’t contribute much to the glycogen content. If you are an egg-eating vegetarian, then the egg would constitute the protein content in your food majorly.    

Vegetarian keto diet recipes   

There are many options for vegetarians in Keto diet recipes. The purely vegetarian recipes would include simple starters like Keto Onion Pakora, Keto Garlic Bread. The main course recipes would contain simple recipes like Cauliflower Keto Paratha, Sarson da Saag. Being an eggetarian would go a long way in helping you with the diet. It would provide you with a rich source of proteins and at the same time it would give diversity in your recipes. There are at least 100+ vegetarian keto diet recipes.

Vegetarian Keto diet without eggs

The vegetarian keto diet without eggs would still have many elements which would provide you with the two essential macronutrients of the keto diet i.e. the fat and the protein. KetoClubIndia would guide you toward complete nutrition with fit and healthy body. A vegetarian diet without eggs would not be an issue, you would only be introduced towards new elements of food and new taste palette would be given to you which would still have a divine taste but would be healthier.

Keto diet for Indian vegetarian without eggs 

The keto diet for Indian vegetarians without eggs would contain recipes Keto flour pizza, mozzarella sticks along with a few as starters. These simple recipes would keep the taste alive for your pre-existing palette and new food sources like Quinoa, Kale, buckwheat, and a few other elements would be introduced to you. These new ingredients would provide variety in your recipe’s approach and help you attain the nine essential amino acids that your body requires for proper functioning.

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