Keto Diet: Symptoms, Benefits and Side Effects

One of the most popular ways of losing weight today is the ketogenic diet. Keto diet or the ketogenic diet is a low-carb and high-fat diet.

The diet was dubbed miraculous when a study was done on it in the 20th century. The diet was studied for its effects on the epileptic mind. It helps to put the body in nutritional ketosis. In this phenomenon of nutritional ketosis, the body experiences a shortage of glucose. It thus starts burning fat to produce ketones which in turn creates energy.

The ketones produced in the liver during the natural process of ketosis, reach the brain by easily crossing the blood-brain barrier. They are a much more efficient fuel for the mind as they provide more energy as compared to glucose for the same amount of oxygen burnt.

Keto Diet has Symptoms, Benefits, and Side Effects that are very important to know. The general public has a lot of confusion regarding the symptoms, benefits, and side effects of the Keto diet. We at Keto Club India are dedicated to arming you with the correct information and analysis, so the route to a healthy lifestyle becomes easy.

Keto diet benefits

The keto diet has a lot of benefits, and the prominent of those include the following:

  • The substantial weight loss: The keto diet results in a significant weight loss, and the loss in the body fat is at a very rapid pace. This pace makes it a go-to diet for the majority. 
  • Resetting of the body: The body undergoes a general reboot which causes all the bodily functions to return to normal. 
  • Anti-Cancer Diet: Various studies done on the keto diet has shown that this diet can drastically reduce the division of cancerous cells in a test tube. 
  • Cardiac Protector: The diet is dubbed as a heart shield as it reduces the amount of bad cholesterol in the body and improves heart function.
  • Improves brain function: The ketones that provide energy to the brain in the absence of glucose, are better in terms of the energy content per unit amount of oxygen consumed. 
  • Reduction of the PCOS symptoms: The high glucose content in diet during polycystic ovarian syndrome leads to weight gain and other hormonal issues.  

Ketosis symptoms

There are specific symptoms that the body displays when it enters the phase of nutritional ketosis.

  • Weight loss: The first and the most prominent symptom of the ketosis is the substantial weight loss that your body will experience. The body undergoes a considerable weight loss in the first few weeks of the diet, and that happens majorly due to the loss of water and the stored glycogen content. 
  • Foul breath: The people on the keto diet usually complain about the foul smell that their breath gives off. This is a very common side-effect of ketosis. The foul breath occurs due to the increase in the ketone amount in the body. The main compound behind the foul-breath is the acetone. The best way to get rid of the bad breath is to brush your teeth thoroughly, or you can use sugar-free gums. 
  • Reduced appetite: When someone is trying out the keto diet, then there is a general reduction in the appetite experienced. This is mostly experienced due to the increased amount of proteins and fibrous foods, especially vegetables. The ketones also provide the brain with a substantial amount of energy which leads to change in brain chemistry and results in reduced appetite. 
  • Better Focus: The keto diet has been seen to increase the focus and make the person feel much more active. The reason behind this phenomenon is not researched upon much. Still, the primary reason is thought to be the increased amount of energy that the ketones can provide. The ketones help treat symptoms of concussion and memory loss. 
  • Initial tiredness: The body experiences general fatigue when you start on the keto diet. This happens because the body is undergoing a change from glucose as its primary energy source to ketones. This transition takes some time, and this results in the general tiredness. 

Keto diet Side-Effects

There are as such no direct side-effects of the keto diet. People usually don’t take care of a few basic things when they are on a diet, and it results in a few imbalances. There are a few issues during the initial period, which are linked to the keto diet, but they are just a result of the changes that the body is undergoing. The prominent side-effects that are related to the keto diet are:

  • Keto Headache: This is a prevalent issue that is experienced during the keto diet. The real reason behind the headache that is noticed during the initial period of keto is the withdrawal symptom. In the beginning, when the body doesn’t get the sugar, it has become so much accustomed to, there are withdrawal symptoms experienced by the person on keto. The most prominent of these symptoms is the headache. Slowly when the body shifts its mechanism from sugar to ketones, then this issue subsides.
  • Keto Constipation: The term keto constipation has been coined to put it in a bad light. There is no such phenomenon as keto constipation. Most people on keto think that this a protein-rich diet and thus they reduce the amount of fat. The carb content is already limited, to begin with, but they even don’t take the required fibrous content that is needed by the body. The increase in the protein content in the absence of good fibre content results in constipation. This constipation is not keto induced, but due to the mistakes of the practitioner of the diet.
  • Keto Flu: Keto flu is experienced in the very initial phase of the diet, and this is due to the changes the body is undergoing. The transition of the body from glucose to fats for energy is not so smooth. In some people and this result in a slight elevation of the body temperature. This elevation in temperature subsides with rest of one-two days. This is not experienced when the body has successfully transitioned.
  • Keto Pill side effects: Keto pills are the supplements which claim to help with attaining ketosis fast and help you reduce weight. The primary issue with the keto pills is that these contain fats that may mess with your digestion. In actuality, they claim with faster ketosis achievement. Still, the natural method is just as quick and more helpful in reducing body fat. The pills are only useful as a brain stimulant, but they are not suitable as a body fat reducing element.
  • Bulletproof coffee side effects:  Bulletproof coffee for weight loss is very prominent among health consultants. It does help with weight loss because caffeine increases the breakdown of fats in the adipose tissue. Bulletproof coffee provides a dedicated source of caffeine. The only issue with bulletproof coffee is that it has its potency for a limited period. After that, you have to stay off coffee for some time for it work again on you.

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