Keto Dietician in

Looking for keto dietician in Mumbai? to lose weight or to get muscular body then you are at right place. At Keto Club India, we have India’s top certified keto diet specialist to help you get personalized keto diet plan based on science to build healthy lifestyle and to achieve your goals.

Our Process

Step 1


Analysis of your blood reports, medical history, personality, mindset, cravings, schedule & goal.

Step 2


Science based plan which suits your body. Designed specially for you to build a healthy lifestyle and to achieve your goals.

Step 3


One on one knowledge session where we share every concept in detail. What and what not to eat. You will be empowered to design your own nutrition.

Step 4


Follow-Ups, Restaurant Guide, Travel Guide, Cheat Meal Guide and more… Need us to talk to your doctor? We do it as we work with doctors ourselves.

Step 5


After achieving great results & building positive habits we want you to maintain those results & keep you on positive track. So we will help you with a detailed maintenance plan with easy guidelines.

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