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Nutrition assessment – This initial consultation will include an assessment and a uniquely designed plan just for you. We will gather information about your weight and health history, genetics, eating habits, and goals. With this information, we will create a meal plan that suits your needs with specific examples for meals and snacks. We also will provide you with our signature “real life” success kit, which includes our customized daily food plan, grocery shopping lists, accurate food combinations, restaurant recommendations, and fast food guide.

In addition to offering nutritional advice, we guide people to create healthy lifestyle habits and achieve physical and psychological balance. In other words, we examine your lifestyle, not just your diet. Our mission is to treat clients as individuals and we are passionate about understanding each person’s keys to success.

  • Weight loss Management and Motivational Coaching
  • Physical and Physiological Balance and Wellbeing
  • Good Food Choices and Portion Control
  • Food Plan Customized To Your Needs
  • Keeping It Simple So That it Fits Into Your Everyday Life
  • Assessing Your Physical Activity
  • Teaching Your To Think Differently
  • Learning To Make This A Lifestyle Change

Research shows that meeting regularly with a weight loss expert can help you lose up to 3 times more weight than dieting on your own.

  • Accountability and motivation is key! We’re here for you!
  • You’ll craft a personalized action plan with your consultant each week.
  • Plus, you’ll have unlimited access to text and connect with a consultant when you need it most.
  • Our consultants are weight loss experts and are there to help you set goals, understand the menu and to help with strategies for success.

Through personal one on one fitness sessions, our experts will help you develop the body you desire. An all-around fitness program will be designed based on your current physical condition and previous exercise activity.

Meet your goals – easy
Feel confident that we will help you get fit for your special day. A tailor made exercise program that will not only help you get toned and fit but help you manage your stress levels leading up to your wedding day . We recommend that you start as soon as possible to get the maximum results that you deserve!

Expertly guided!
Prenatal exercise routines can help you with the success of your delivery! There are precautions that must be addressed while performing a pre and post natal exercise routine. Let the expertise of Personal Fitness Consulting design an exercise routine that ensures your safety while helping you increase your energy level and improve the strength in your core, legs, and arms.

Prenatal exercise routines can help you with the success of your delivery!

  • Focus: Abdominal strength and cardiovascular endurance for your child delivery. You’ll also notice increase in your energy levels.

Post natal exercises also available to get you back in shape.

  • Focus: ​Strength in your core, legs and arms to prepare you physically for raising your child. you will also notice an increase in daily energy.

We come to you

No equipment necessary! We bring all test and fitness equipment on-site and demonstrate to employees how to work out safely to maximize results in a short period of time.

We perform complete on-site fitness evaluations including cardiovascular testing, muscular strength, endurance, power, flexibility, and body composition.

We review the results of the exercise test and discuss goals with your employees. Next we design, and workout your employee(s) to show them the optimal intensity for maximum results.

We provide on-going follow ups and fitness motivation for your corporate teams, as well games and other motivational techniques specific to your corporate environment.

Also available are lectures and workshops on many current topics regarding health and fitness such as self defence, nutrition, fat loss and healthy eating, circuit training, pilates and yoga.


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