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Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal disorder common among women of reproductive age. Women with PCOS may have infrequent or prolonged menstrual periods or excess male hormone (androgen) levels. The ketogenic diet aims to lower insulin levels and can induce weight loss which is helpful for women with PCOS. It also improves insulin sensitivity, aids weight loss, manages hunger, and improves the PCOS hormone profile. Losing weight on a keto diet becomes easier and is one of the many reasons that women start a keto diet. You see, if your body is well adapted to burning fat for energy, it can then more readily use your own fat stores for energy instead of all the glucose it would normally use.

Keto Diet for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is an increasingly common hormonal disorder that affects women of reproductive age. Women with this condition often grow a number of cysts on their ovaries and the syndrome is a leading cause of infertility. Additional symptoms include menstrual irregularities, obesity, pain, acne, excessive hair growth and hormonal dysregulation.

The syndrome occurs when levels of hormones are atypical. Women with PCOS may produce excess insulin, or the insulin they produce does not work efficiently.
The link between PCOS and obesity is complex. The inability of insulin (known as the main fat storage hormone) to function normally is one reason why women with PCOS tend to gain weight or have a hard time losing weight. For other women PCOS develops later on, following substantial weight gain.
Low carb and Ketogenic diets may offer potential for improving or in some cases even reversing PCOS. Evidence shows that a Ketogenic diet can lead to weight loss and improvements in insulin resistance, which may benefit PCOS sufferers due to the connection to elevated insulin levels, excess weight and other metabolic disfunction.

How the Ketogenic Diet Can Reverse PCOS

What You Need to Know About PCOS

PCOS affects up to ten percent of women between the ages of 15 and 44, and it may be more likely to occur in women who are obese or who have a family history of the disorder.

Polycystic ovarian syndrome is an endocrine disorder in which reproductive hormonal imbalances can alter the development of your egg or entirely prevent it from being released during ovulation. The exact cause of the disorder is unknown but it is believed that it can stem from factors such as genetics, high androgen levels and high insulin levels.

Possible Causes

Higher levels of androgens are typically found in men, as they are responsible for the development of certain male traits. High levels of androgens in females can negatively impact ovulation and cause unwanted issues such as acne and hirsutism, which is excess hair growth on the face, chest and back.

Insulin is also a hormone, but this one determines how effectively your body turns food into energy. High insulin levels typically occur because of high glucose levels in the blood. Frequent or consistent high glucose levels can lead to consistently high insulin levels where insulin does not do its job as well as it should; this is termed insulin resistant. It is unknown whether high levels of androgens and insulin cause PCOS or if they are symptoms of it.

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Our 4 Step PCOS Reversal Technique

Condition Assesment

Analyzing the current state and the range of male hormones in the body.

Deciding The Flow

Setting goals regarding the healthy hormone levels and a detailed action plan to achieve the target.

Personalized Approach

The building of personalized nutrition plan with calculated macros & micros as per the requirements and the supplementation aid.

Success & Maintenence

Congratulations! We have successfully reversed your PCOS, now it is the time to carry on with the momentum.

Wall of Fame

Phew! What a journey it has been. Life was not that easy with that much of body weight. I was consistently body shamed by the people around that resulted in worsening of my mental health which further led my physical health to deteriorate. I started suffering from various health issues, tried to do whatever I can by myself but all in vain. But found Keto Club India and things started to change for good. My journey had ups & downs but under the guidance of such knowledgeable professionals, I did wonders. Thank you Keto Club India for keeping my trust and helping me transform my life.

Venus Kohli

Electronics Engineer

Bachelor lifestyle is not easy especially if it's about maintaining your diet. Usually we do eat whatever we can prepare in limited time frame but this approach was actually deteriorating my lifestyle. Finally decided to take matter into my own hands and started seeking for help. Therefore contacted Keto Club India and told them about my issues and also how badly I wanted to get back into the shape. Followed their instructions, implemented their advices and started reconstructing my self.


Civil Engineer

Have been working from home in an IT company since the pandemic happened. Life seemed sorted as the comfort of work from home was irresistible. But the one thing I did not paid attention onto was my body weight. I did gained good fat poundage over the period of time and realized I need to get rid of it as soon as possible. Went to Keto Club India with my fitness goal and guess what, ended achieving the best shape of my life.


IT Professional

Keto Club India claim themselves to be the India's most elite keto platform and is rightly so. After taking their personalized services I could see a different me which I haven't in a long time. Lost very significant amount of fat and got my diabetes reversed with their assistance. Finally got rid of the medications and also understood that food and water are the best medicine, you keep them correct and you will be fine always. Thank you Keto Club India for being there and guiding me throughout.



Absolutely delighted with the results & experience I have had with Keto Club India. Actually was not happy with the way I was getting over weight and also started having certain health issues and these things combined actually compelled me to look for health assistance. Got finalized with Keto Club India, resumed the services and got results.



I am an IT professional and this job requires hours and hours before the computer screen. Clearly my health was not upto the mark and often felt lethargic and restless, clearly no idea about what shall i do. Got in touch with Keto Club India and told them about my daily challenges, fitness goal and my eating preference which is pure veg. Taking all these under considerations they framed me the plans and I thoroughly enjoyed their services. Have any fitness goal? Just consult Keto Club India.


IT Professional

I did followed few diet plans in the past for the purpose of fat loss but it backfired and rather loosing I ended up gaining few more pounds. I was totally baffled about what has happened and almost lost my trust on online services. But certainly came across with Keto Club India and had a consultation with these guies. After getting assured, I restarted my fitness journey and got results in less than expected time frame.


House Maker

I gained pounds of fat mass and wanted to get rid of it. Usually did not get enough time to prepare meals and was a bit skeptical about their plan. But guess what, healthy eating does not necessarily take hours and hours to prepare meals or 4-5 meals a day. Thanks to Keto Club India for changing me and my perception about health and wellness.



High uric acid & fatty liver compelled me to give a thought on my lifestyle. I was not able to recognize where I went so wrong. Thankfully found Keto Club India, they understood my situation and handled me in such a way that my reports came back fine along with that lost body fat & built decent muscle mass as well.



The Covid situation left me weak and trembling. My immunity just could not get better after recovering from it and I desperately wanted to get back onto my feet and normal life again. Have had a consultation with Keto Club India and those guies counselled me to my fullest satisfaction. Took their services and reaped the benefits.



Unhealthy life style choices gave me uric acid as souvenir. Consulting with doctors and getting on medications was not helping. I started searching both online-offline about the possible ways to get it under control and there I found Keto Club India. Took their services and started noticing the changes in my body.



Have been really pleased with the services they have provided all throughout. I have never followed any particular diet before to get in shape, all I focused on was the physical activity but never got the desired results. Later after coming across Keto Club India, I found out the real science and the journey begain.


Interior Designer

Being a medical professional I am supposed to spend half of my day in the hospital. Also could only eat whatever is available in the hospital premises which necessarily is not healthy. The pathetic eating choices left me with unnecessary body fat and a PCOS condition as complimentary. Thanks to Keto Club India for handling me with utmost care & precision. It's because of these guies I am in my perfect shape today.

Dr. Shraddha Rao


Since I left India, I was looking for someone desi to help me with my fitness goal because I could not follow the typical aussie diet as I did consulted with certain Australian dietitians for nutrition guidance but of no help. But one day, my eyes lit up after I saw Keto Club India's name which made me assured about the source of desi help I was seeking for. I enrolled without delaying any further and started my journey with them. Since that day have never looked back.



Post-natal body weight became a curse for me as no matter whatever I do, the body fat just could not go. Tried various diet patterns under various dietitians but no result. I was growing impatient but thankfully found Keto Club India. Their guidance and approach has been phenomenal as they made the whole process really easy for me to follow.


IT Professional

It was that time when I was diagnosed with hypothyroid, I realized that time has come to be health conscious else things are going to get worse from here. While hunting online for nutrition counselor I came across Keto Club India. I wanted to do Ketogenic diet because had heard a lot about it and who better than Keto Club India in terms of keto counselling. Not only my medications went down for my hypothyroid condition but also lost decent fat mass while building on decent muscle mass.

Shiv Shankar

IT Professional

My marriage was just 3 months away and I wanted to fix my physique as soon as possible. I just wanted to be in my best shape ever on my wedding day and I trusted Keto Club India. And as all can see that I am in my best shape of my life and happily married as well. Thanks to Keto Club India.

Nikita Pandey

Service Woman

I used to eat whatever I can lay my hands onto. There was no any strict discipline in my lifestyle and that resulted in me being unfit and overweight. I started getting fat shamed by my mates which made me feel pathetic & rediculous. I started searching for help online and that is where I encountered Keto Club India. I took their services along with the Personal Training for quite a period of time and started noticing tremendous results.

Zain Bamne


PCOS combined with bad eating habits made my life living hell. I could not function properly both physically & mentally as the hormonal imbalance caused by PCOS wrecked me up internally. Keto Club India arrived as a Knight in Shining Armour and rescued me from being more pathetic. I started seeing drastic changes in my body really quick as well as successfully reversed my PCOS under their guidance.

Mona Verma


Gained few pounds in the last few months but did not paid attention. One day I got the reality check and suddenly decided to change myself. And this is where Keto Club India came handy.



Being a housemaker, could not find much time for physical activity so all I had to rely upon was my diet to loose weight. And I can fairly say that Keto Club India did not disappointed me.



Packed on 10 kgs of extra weight during the pandemic. One day I was scrolling through social media and saw Keto Club India and just wanted to give it a chance. And as they say, rest is history!

Srinivas Jupudi

Software Engineer

I had suffered from obesity for quite a significant part of my life. I did tried various things in the past but did not got results. Somehow I came to know about keto diet and accidentaly found Keto Club India as consultant. And this has been the most beautiful accident of my life.

Bushra Rizvi


I was a fierce sweet lover and could not just resist the very sight of it. Soon this habit of mine started to take a toll on my body and that resulted in excessive body weight along with diabetic complications. At the time of being diagnosed with Diabetes, I realized that this is the high time now and if it's not now then never. I contacted Keto Club India with my friend's reference and started my journey with them. All I can say is these guies are damn good at whatever they do. They just transformed me for good.

Gautam Naik

IT Professional

All my life I have been on heavy carbohydrate diet considering it healthy but God I couldn't had been more wrong than this. I spent majority of my life being overweight and got diagnosed with PCOS after sometime. All this while I was wondering where I went so wrong despite of eating healthy foods. After getting in touch with Keto Club India I started understanding and following the correct nutrition and also reversed my PCOS successfully.

Pooja Kapur


Had to leave my hometown because of further education and thus the journey of my health destruction started. In the span of just 2 years I gained some 30kgs of excess body weight. Soon I realized that my body is not functioning properly along with other health issues. And this is where I encounterd Keto Club India and my life changed for good.

Umme Kulsum

IT Professional

The rapid weight gain because of bad eating habits consisting of junk food and even the home made foods which we often consider as healthy contributed equally in my rapid weight gain. Thanks to Keto Club India who not just helped in my transformation journey but educated me as well.

Shivani Sharma


Being a housemaker i usually do not get enough time to focus on health. Slowly & gradually my health started slipping off during my pregnancy as I ate whatever I want considering them essential both for me and my baby.I was carrying a lot of post pregnancy weight and got diagnosed with diabetes as well. Everything seemed going downhill for me but by the grace of God, I found Keto Club India and things started to change under their guidance.

Sangeeta Rajwath


I'm an IT Guy and the 9 am-5 pm job lifestyle is meant for us which started deteriorating my health. I could see myself degenerating with the passage of time but could do little about it and soon I was diagnosed with Hypothyroid. Amidst all these, one day I saw one of my my colleague in the office who had lost significant amount of weight so I just went to check on him about how he managed to do so. There he gave me the reference of Keto Club India and so do I went crashing on their website and booked a consultation. Thus started my journey of transformation.

Gaurav Azad

IT Professional

I was lean and thin for most of my childhood and even college days. I used to eat whatever I could but no improvement in overall body weight. I was searching for online personal training services because could not find an appropriate and qualified trainer in my nearby gyms. I accidentaly placed a consultation at Keto Club India and asked them if they can provide me with a muscle building plan other than keto. It's been three years now and it has been one hell of a transformation. They changed me forever for good.

Krishna Kanojiya


The busy work life schedule hardly leaves me any free time to do something exciting or even to pay attention on my own body. And soon this lifestyle started showing it's colors and left me with PCOS. Thanks to Keto Club India who helped me in managing my body weight along with the reversal of PCOS.

Sonam Arora


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What is PCOS & how to tackle it?

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal syndrome common among women. It’s somewhat common but serious disorder involving abnormal operation of the reproductive system. The

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Keto Club India is a path to a healthier and a happier you in the present, and a gift to your future self. It combines food and information to take the path to avoiding lifestyle diseases. Over 60% of people in India succumb to avoidable lifestyle diseases, which can be easily managed through healthy food and nutrition information.

The answer is straight forward 'NO'! Keto is just an eating habit where the amount of macros differs from the regular carbohydrate eating pattern.

There is no such thing known as keto flu. Those are symptoms of electrolyte imbalance which usually happens when body loose on excess water.

Doctors cannot be considered as highest authority of nutrition science. It's not their domain. Nutrition is an entirely different field & has its own experts known as 'Nutritionist'.
So unless your doctor has certain degrees as well as practical knowledge regarding Fitness Science, you shouldn't be asking them as it would be of no use.

For women affected by polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), changing to a low carb PCOS meal plan or keto PCOS  diet plan to reduce insulin levels may improve fertility. The Keto diet chart for PCOS has food items similar to any other conventional keto diet. PCOS is a common disease that affects women in their childbearing age and includes irregular periods and high androgen levels combined with weight problems. And therefore, the keto PCOS weight loss program would help a lot.

Keto Diet Plan For PCOS Weight Loss

The ketogenic diet is a restrictive low-carb diet plan that focuses on low carbs, low fats and a normal amount of proteins. Patients often see weight loss results—which helps reduce PCOS symptoms—but women with PCOS see improvements because the problem in PCOS is carbohydrate/insulin resistance. The link between insulin resistance and PCOS is very well studied. If we are able to control insulin resistance, then we are able to reduce many of the PCOS symptoms and complications, including weight, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and infertility. And keto PCOS diet plan help in doing so. The prevalence of PCOS in India ranges from 3.7 to 22.5 percent depending on the population studied and the criteria used for diagnosis. An estimated one in five (20%) Indian women suffer from PCOS. If not monitored in time, the condition can have serious health impacts. So keeping these under consideration, an Indian keto diet plan for PCOS containing indigenous food items will make the keto PCOS diet plan much more sustainable.

Treat The Root Cause But Not The Symptoms

The traditional treatment route for PCOS is essentially to treat the root cause. If a patient has irregular periods, her doctor would treat her with birth control pills just to her regular period without focusing on the consequences of that, or how much weight she might gain. If the patient has infertility, she would be given fertility treatments even though they are not always successful because of the other problems associated with PCOS. Our team aims to achieve all of the goals of women with PCOS, such as weight loss, regular periods or pregnancy with higher success rates. And once this gets done properly, periods start appearing normally as they should be. Reversing PCOS single-handedly will cure the rest of the problems as they all are interlinked and this is why we should be treating the root cause but not the symptoms.

While diabetes medications have been used in the past to treat PCOS, most of these medications return only varying success. However medical professionals have always seen improvement among diabetes patients after they began following the ketogenic diet, they decided to explore if the same benefits with insulin resistance could work with their PCOS patients. “We started putting women who have PCOS and are overweight, or obese, on the keto PCOS diet plan,” explains Dr. Abed an avid medical practitioner who deals majorly with PCOS & diabetes.

The Treatment Plan

Whenever a client with PCOS, with body fat mass more than usual, comes to us and is trying to control the symptom or wants to become pregnant, starting the particular client on a PCOS keto diet plan is the first option given. We keep the client on regular follow-ups and they even go for their regular medical checkups. Once the client gets themself enrolled here at Keto Club India, we start the routine sessions of consultations and follow-ups and discuss their health, diet, exercise, lifestyle; it changes every month. We give an initial consultation where we explain the procedure and give them a brief idea about the results they are going to experience in the upcoming future. We go around the table and we talk to each client and address their issues individually, and see where they are at in their progress. Our clients enjoy the experience and they get way more benefits from utilizing our one-to-one personalized services.

 The results so far have been very good. Because they are being put on a keto diet for a PCOS meal plan which is also providing them with better weight loss results. Many of our clients are also reporting regular periods again. We are seeing that many of our clients who are interested in pregnancy are now able to achieve pregnancy. Some are even able to achieve pregnancy without medications. These are women who have struggled with pregnancy, and now we are seeing them able to achieve pregnancy and eventually a live birth. That’s what we’re aiming for with this program—to get a live birth successfully with this keto diet plan for the PCOS weight loss program.

All the foods containing 1st class protein, least amount of carbs and good amount of saturated fats can be consumed in a keto diet.

We can imagine. Trying those numerous diet plans, following the standard diet charts and opting for super foods or supplements, can never guarantee or sustain the results. But here at Keto Club India, the goals are set by you, for you and we are here to help you achieve those goals. We guide, motivate, and provide you with all the information that you need to get to your goals. Try us and see for yourself.

Of course yes. In fact Keto Diet has shown promising results with the people suffering from metabolic syndromes. You can also get your doctor's consent for the assurity purpose.

KCI do not provides assistance or guidance for any sort of medication. Our domain of expertise are correct nutrition, training & supplementation.

100% No Progress Refund Policy

What is a 100% No Progress Refund Policy?

If a client feels that there has been no change in the body’s composition since the plan has started, and if the transformation pics and the measurements are evident to it then the company will initiate the refund either through bank transfer or UPI.

Terms & Conditions

The 100% No Progress Refund Policy is valid for 14 days after the plan has been purchased. This is applicable on both the packages purchased either from the website directly or through team members.

This policy is just not applicable to Combo Packages.

The client needs to send an ample shred of evidence through before and after pics along with the measurements.

The policy is applicable on the inch loss factor but not the weight scale.

The inch loss shall be below 0.4 inches to become eligible for this return policy.

The client is supposed to send the pics of daily meals as prescribed by the respective nutritionist in the nutrition plan, at least for the first 14 days straight. Missing the pic of any single meal during those 14 days will automatically terminate the eligibility for this refund policy.

The policy claim will be judged as null & void if the client has done a cheat meal without informing the concerned nutritionist.

A single cheat meal in the first 14 days is allowed. Also, the concerned nutritionist shall be informed about this beforehand.

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