Keto Coconut Cookies – Only 0.5 g Net Carbs per Cookie



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Indians love their biscuits and have a long-standing love affair with the humble coconut. Lo! ‘s Coconut Biscuits combine these two beautifully to give you the best tea-time healthy snacks that is perfect for both a Low Carb and a Keto (Ketogenic) diet (for weight loss)! Lo! ‘s Coconut biscuits are crunchy, crumbly, and overall, YUMMY!

High on Fibre too, the mix of seed-based ingredients delivers a phenomenal health punch. With less than 1.2 gms of Net Carbs, it is 89 % lower Net Carbs than regular products. High protein content, this is a great addition to your list of low-carb foods ( and is diabetic friendly)!


100G, 200G


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