Sugar-free Peach’O’s Stevia Iced Tea Drink Syrup – 150ml


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VIStevia Peach‘O’s is a refreshing ice tea concentrate that builds energy and provides low-calorie intake. The properties of nutrients and vitamins make it a tasty and rehydrating immunity booster which is good for both health and skin.

  • 100% natural
  • Sugar-free
  • Low calorie
  • No artificial color
  • Good for diabetic and hypersensitive people
  • Net Weight: 150 ml

VIStevia Peach’O’s is a low calorie peach ice tea concentrate, with no added sugar. It is a refreshing drink made with only natural ingredients. It is loaded with peaches, full of Antioxidants and rich in many vitamins and minerals. The peachy flavour is paired with the finest Darjeeling black tea to make this low-carb Keto peach Iced tea ‘ blend.  And Stevia adds the perfect sweetness to it.  Not only is it healthy but it tastes delicious. Try it to believe that sugar free drinks can taste better than sugar filled beverages. A must have for all that are looking to lead a healthy lifestyle.

  • A perfect addition to the Keto diet plan, this drink will add life to your Low carb diet. You wont find anything like this sugar free, Keto friendly peach iced tea in the market
  • If you are a diabetic, you can finally say goodbye to your cravings and give in to your temptations. Include this diabetic friendly product in your grocery list and enjoy its sweetness every day.


Mix 20ml of concentrate in a glass of chilled water or soda topped with ice (optional). Add a sprig of mint leaves to enhance the freshness. One packet of the concentrate can make upto 10 glasses of drinks

Its so simple to make and easy to carry that you can take this with you where ever you go. At work you can choose this over the unhealthy teas and coffees. It will refresh your mind and get you to refocus on the task at hand. Enjoy this sugar free drink and ditch the calories at the same time.

Iced tea can’t get any better than this!



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