Sugar-Free Stevia Ginger Ale Drink Syrup – 150ml


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Vistevia’s ‘Ginger Pop’ is a Sugar-free, Refreshing, Low Calorie and Delicious Ginger Ale Syrup. It is made with fresh ginger juice and lemon juice. No artificial color, flavor, or sweetener, this drink is natural and is sweetened with Stevia. This drink will not only lift your mood & tingle your taste buds but will provide a soothing feeling to your throat and stomach at the same time. Buy it today and enjoy!

  • VIStevia Ginger Ale Syrup is a 100% natural, low-calorie drink concentrate. It is packed with the goodness of ginger and sweetened with stevia (also known as Meethi Tulsi in India)
  • Low Calories, Low Carb, and No added sugar. Perfect for Keto diet, diabetic diet, and all weight watchers.
  • It tastes delicious! Until you try it you will not believe that sugar-free drinks can taste better than sugar-filled drinks. It satisfies your thirst and gives you a fruitful experience.
  • Mix 20ml of concentrate in a glass of chilled water or soda topped with ice (optional). Add a sprig of mint leaves and a slice of lemon for garnish. One packet of the concentrate can make up to 10 glasses.
  • This drink can be enjoyed by all age groups even children. Perfect fit in a diabetic and a Keto diet plan.


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