Sugar-free Tomato Sauce | 100% Natural | Sweetened with Stevia


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Sugar-free Tomato Sauce | 100% Natural | Sweetened with Stevia

Introducing India’s first stevia-sweetened, Sugar-free tomato ketchup. We assure you that this ketchup will give you the real taste of tomatoes and will satisfy your urge for something sweet and tangy that you crave with your snacks. Our sauce is made with the best possible ingredients to suit the diet of diabetics, weight watchers, and people following keto.

No sugar –

This ketchup is sugar-free and the sweetness that we add comes from stevia. We use the best possible polyols (erythritol, isomalt) to keep the carb and calorie content in check. It’s a perfect option for diabetics and weight watchers.

Tastes delicious –

We take pride in making sugar-free products taste better than products full of sugar. sugar-free does not mean you need to compromise on taste, rather it means that the quality of the product is much better for your health and well-being. DITCH THE SUGAR AND KEEP THE TASTE

Made with only natural ingredients-

We use only natural ingredients, no artificial sweeteners, color, or flavor. You will taste the natural flavor of tomatoes and the sweetness of stevia. Stevia is one of the only natural sweeteners which contain 0 sugar, 0 calories, and 0 carbs. Moreover, we use some natural fruit extracts known as polyols such as erythritol, isomalt, and sorbitol to create the perfect mouthfeel for our sauce.

Suitable for all age groups –

A sugar-free option we often see is offered to diabetics or weight watchers. However, our product is safe for all and is a great way to get your children on a healthy diet. If sugar-free options taste really good then switching to a healthier option is possible for everyone.


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