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General Physical Preparedness was a new concept

I affiliated with Keto Club India along with my wife. Our respective ages are 56 and 53 years. I’m very happy with their customized approach towards us. They have us going through a general physical preparedness program of theirs. It was a new concept for us, where they design a solution to keep in peak condition to perform the tasks of our daily lifestyles efficiently. Where the rest of the market just gives an option for weight loss and muscle and gym things, this new concept is revolutionary. This provides us with an opportunity to be healthy and prepare for something which is needed of us in our daily life and nothing else more.


Brampton, Canada

Knowledge led to weight loss

Experts at Keto Club India helped me realize where I was going wrong. They empowered me with the ability to choose the right food along with correct exercises. They constantly offered me advice and support during my entire journey of shedding 12 kgs.


Bangalore (IT Professional)

Feels like a complete package

I’ve been associated with you guys for the last 7 months. I plan to keep this going. I’m thankful to you people for putting a dedicated effort towards me. I always felt that I had an army of experts looking after my health and diet ever since I started consulting with you guys. Everything felt right and complete with your approach and advice.


Hyderabad (Software Developer)

Flexibility, Respect for individuality impressed me

I connected with Keto Club India wellness 2 months ago. I liked their programs and services to an extent where I introduced my father to their plans. Based on both our experiences, I can claim that they are the best, most flexible and supportive people that anyone will find in the market.


Delhi (Student)

Yoga helped me achieve inner peace

I associated with keto club india, after having tried multiple services available in the market. I have a busy schedule which left me with almost no choices, and nothing else worked. Thanks to the experts at keto club india, I have been able to get a healthier lifestyle which helped me lose 7 kgs within one and a half months. Their yoga program gave me a sense of inner peace and helped me with my concentration.


New Jersey, USA (Speech Therapist)

So it was that time when i started hating myself and my body ! It was just like a challenge for me to walk for long holding mansha , so i started avoiding holding her !! Couldn’t play for long with her , my all the clothes got tight and i was waiting for the right thing to change my body. I started with workouts, went to gym for almost a month and couldn’t see any change , not even a 500 grams or half inch i lost in gym !!!! I never Thought post pregnancy weight loss is such a big task .. 🙈 .
Finally after all the struggles I started with Keto diet and started getting results from the first week itself ....! This is my 1st month’s progress 😍 i feel super energetic , skin & hair quality is improving, my immune system is getting stronger ....and what not !! Thank you so much neeraj and keto club india  🙏🏻 this was not possible without your constant support and advice ! I really feel bad about the old ME

Sangeeta Rajwath

Jaipur (House Wife)

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