The 21 -Minute home-based workout plan for those who cannot go to the gym

Can you really get an effective workout in only 18 minutes? You bet your tummy you can! Maximize every second of your precious time with this simple plan that’s as effective as most hour-long training sessions. The secret is that it combines two proven fat-loss techniques— metabolic strength training and HIIT—into one super-focused workout. It contains all the three Push-Pull-Leg Split which focuses on muscular & cardio respiratory endurance along with the decent muscular hypertrophy.

How it works: After the 1-minute warm-up, do each exercise for one minute and perform as many reps as possible (AMRAP). So that`s 7 minutes for 7 exercises. Perform this full circuit 3 times. You can take 10 seconds of break after each circuit. (1 circuit= 7 exercises)

Equipements Needed: Jump Rope, Resistance tubes & of course your body!!!

Workout Circuit (Repeat this circuit thrice)

  1. Wide Grip & Narrow Grip Pushups (1minute)
    (those who cannot perform regular pushups can do beginner pushups on their knees)
  2. Triceps extension with resistance tubes (1minute)
  3. Alternate Biceps curls with resistance tubes (1minute)
  4. Seated cable rows with the resistance tubes (1minute)
  5. Jumping Squats with Jumping Jacks (1minujte)
  6. Calf Raises (1minute)
  7. Jumping Rope (1minute)

Rest no more than 10 seconds after each circuit.

**On paper this circuit might look easy but just give it a try for once and I bet u would be seeing stars in the day. As you progress, just try to reduce the rest interval as low as possible and increase the number of durations(minutes) with

that. You can also incorporate few more exercises of your choice into this circuit. Progressive overload is the key so just keep increasing the intensity.

All the very BESTTTT!!!

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