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Want to know how we make you lose weight and reverse diseases? An overall well-being destination to give you sustainable results while fixing you inside out!

Taking a 360° holistic approach

Weight Loss Aid + Reversing Metabolic Diseases+ Giving Sustainable Results. Take the charge of your well-being in your own hands.

50,000+ lives transformed

Real people, real stories - that's what KCI is all about!

Our 4 Step Weight Loss Technique

Personalized Nutrition

Tailor made personalized nutrition plan as per your needs.

Supplementation Aid

Aid in supplementation but not mandatory. Only if required.


Regular consultations & follow ups to keep you on check.

Post Keto Plan

Assistance in Post Keto Plan after the transformation finishes.

Keto is delicious with us!

Why Us?
The 3 Major Don'ts at Keto Club India

We don't ask to count calories so just relax.

Calorie restriction is neither optimal nor sustainable.

We don't ask to eat boiled & tasteless foods.

Eating boiled & tasteless is not equal to eating healthy.

We don't ask to consume keto pills & shakes.

Calorie pills and shakes do not cause weight loss. Diet & healthy lifestyle does.


Lost 66 kg in 120 days

Phew! What a journey it has been. Life was not that easy with that much of body weight. I was consistently body shamed by the people around that resulted in worsening of my mental health which further led my physical health to deteriorate. I started suffering from various health issues, tried to do whatever I can by myself but all in vain. But found Keto Club India and things started to change for good. My journey had ups & downs but under the guidance of such knowledgeable professionals, I did wonders. Thank you Keto Club India for keeping my trust and helping me transform my life.

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