Keto Diet Plan
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keto diet plan india

Weight Loss

Accelerated weight loss program

keto diet plan india


hormones Imbalance​, Lifestyle Guidence

keto diet plan india


Weight Loss Management, Lifestyle Guidence

keto diet plan india


Irregular Scanty Periods, Abnormal Body Hair Growth


Healthy Doesn’t Have to be Hard!

We make it easy. Our realistic, back to basics, lifestyle-focused approach will help you to optimize your nutrition and achieve your goals with keto diet plan while enjoying the foods and flavors you crave.

Our Process

Step 1


Analysis of your blood reports, medical history, personality, mindset, cravings, schedule & goal.

Step 2


Science based plan which suits your body. Designed specially for you to build a healthy lifestyle and to achieve your goals.

Step 3


One on one knowledge session where we share every concept in detail. What and what not to eat. You will be empowered to design your own nutrition.

Step 4


Follow-Ups, Restaurant Guide, Travel Guide, Cheat Meal Guide and more… Need us to talk to your doctor? We do it as we work with doctors ourselves.

Step 5


After achieving great results & building positive habits we want you to maintain those results & keep you on positive track. So we will help you with a detailed maintenance plan with easy guidelines.

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Recent Recipes

Find out how to make delicious Simple Cheese and Herb Omelette. Breakfast, lunch, brunch and even a dinner, an omelette is a super quick recipe for a ketogenic diet.
Grilled achari paneer recipe with step by step instruction- yet another variation of the grilled cottage cheese cubes flavored with pickling spices to compliment your keto diet.
This is the best low carb panna cotta recipe. It's rich and silky and makes a perfectly light treat that takes only minutes to make!

Recent Blog Post

The Keto Way is the most efficient way to reduce fat. The keto diet combines the effects of low-calorie intake and the natural process of nutritional Ketosis. Nutritional Ketosis is when the body, due to low glucose content, starts burning fats to produce ketones. Ketones that are made in this
The ketogenic diet had been studied extensively in the 20th century to find its benefits for epileptic patients. The study gave a result that the keto diet is very beneficial to the patients in epilepsy. The keto diet puts the body in the state of nutritional ketosis where the body
Professionals Mindset If the individual is executive/ corporate professional they may look for weight loss of so and so kgs, reducing the belly fat, and don’t want to build muscles but the loss of weight is needed to be in the form of fat loss and not to be muscle …
Keto diet plan india

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